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The Michael Chekhov technique

The actor's challenge of transformation on the stage can be approached in many ways, and the temptation to use habits accumulated and applied successfully in the past is great. Michael Chekhov offers us a range of tools which enables actors who value their art to involve their imagination, seek a truly new path of incorporation and practice the continuous creation of their characters, making them living beings each time, each day, each moment. A series of simple, profound and extremely enjoyable practices rescues the connection between the actor-artist and his or her creative individuality.

The challenge is a great one, but "we shall have a method" to support our talent. Among the pillars of the Michael Chekhov technique are the Feeling of Ease, Form, Beauty and the Whole, Psychological Gesture, Qualities, Imaginary Centre and Body, Radiating/Receiving, Concentration, Objectives and Atmosphere. Like any artist, an actor must have technical abilities at his disposal. Perhaps the greatest benefit is the confidence which a useful technique brings to the talented artist.

See actors talking about their experience with this woprk in the video "Michael Chekhov For Actors".

A typical Michael Chekhov Brasil workshop session will include concentration/awareness activities, a variety of movement and gesture exercises, both individually and in groups, often with balls and sticks, time to share experiences and talk about the technique in general, and the application of the method to the actor's creative work.

At no time do participants feel they need to attain a specific result or meet a narrow expectation on the part of the teacher. At each step they are encouraged to connect to what is going on (rather than what "should" be), to develop the practices with concentration, curiosity, playfulness, and generosity, and become more and more open to "receiving any impression, even the subtlest, [and be] ready to react to these impressions harmoniously". (from To the Actor)