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Michael Chekhov Brasil

Hugo Moss is from the U.K. and Ireland, has lived in Brazil for over 25 years and is a naturalized Brazilian citizen. He began exploring the Michael Chekhov technique in 2004  in order to direct actors and later was trained as an actor/teacher by MICHA - Michael Chekhov Association (USA), of which he is a member and participant in international events in the USA, Canada and Europe. He has been teaching the technique since 2010, is Co-Founder of Michael Chekhov Brasil and a faculty member at Michael Chekhov Acting Studio (New York) and Chekhov Training and Performance Ireland.

Thaís Loureiro is an actor and teacher trained by Michael Chekhov School and MICHA - Michael Chekhov Association (USA); she is graduating in English Language/Literature and studies philosophy at Nova Acrópole. Co-founder of Michael Chekhov Brasil and as well as teaching is responsible for workshop planning and parallel projects. With the company Grupo Assik she starred alongside Fabianna de Mello e Souza in the play “’night, Mother”, and is currently directing “GIZ-9”, starring and written by Carine Klimeck (premieres February 2019).


Advisory Board

Honorary President:  

Fern Sloan, an actress for over 30 years, is co-founder and co-artistic director of The Actors' Ensemble, a faculty member of MICHA - Michael Chekhov Association who has performed and taught the Michael Chekhov technique in the US, Canada and Europe. She was certified by the Michael Chekhov Studio in New York and was on its faculty for the last three years of its existence.


Actor Bruna Mafra graduated at CAL (Rio de Janeiro), is a ballet dancer and researcher of the human soul.  Based in São Paulo, she is also a practitioner of Ayurveda and Yoga and trained in the Michael Chekhov technique with Michael Chekhov Brasil.
In 2016 she took part in 
MICHA's anual conference in New London, USA, studying under Joanna Merlin, Lenard Petit, Fern Sloan and Ted Pugh, among others.

Playwright, actor and director, Cleiton Echeveste graduated in Theatrical Acting at UFRGS.  He is founder of the company Pandorga, devoted to children's and youth theare, and is the author and/or director of numerous productions, among them “O Menino que Brincava de Ser” and “Cabeça de Vento.
Cleiton is Assistant Director of the production
"'Night, Mother" (Grupo Assik), is trained in the Michael Chekhov technique and in 2015 took part in  MICHA 's annual workshop in New London, USA.

Jobst Langhans is a theatre director, actor and director of Michael Tschechow Studio Berlin, which he founded in 1984 and which nowadays offers a complete three-year degree in the Chekhov method. As director and actor he has an extensive curriculum spanning over three decades, including a recent production of Goethe's Faust. He is a faculty member of MICHA The Michael Chekhov Association and has taught master classes in Moscow, London, Madrid, Riga, Glasgow, Amsterdam, New York, Zagreb, Istanbul and Helsinki, among others.


Lenard Petit is the artistic Director of the Michael Chekhov Acting Studio in New York, author of the book The Michael Chekhov Handbook (see Library), and co-founder of MICHA The Michael Chekhov Association, where he is a vice president. Mr. Petit is an experienced actor and director in productions in the USA and Europe, and for over 20 years taught in the MFA and BFA acting programs of Rutgers University (New Jersey). In recent years he has given workshops in the Michael Chekhov technique in countries as varied as Norway, Finland, Italy, Denmark, Holland, England, Ireland, Iceland, Portugal, Belgium and Russia.
Actor and producer Rô Milani graduated in theatre at Universidade Federal de Rio Grande do Sul (Porto Alegre) and did her post-graduation (Aesthetics of Movement and Techniques in Motor Recovery and Therapy Through Dance) at Faculdade Angel Vianna, in Rio de Janeiro. She is trained in the Michael Chekhov technique and has been a permanent Collaborator at Michael Chekhov Brasil since 2014.


The programme MICHAEL CHEKHOV MASTER CLASS brings well-known international teachers to Brazil for workshops. In January 2014 we received Lenard Petit from New York, USA. This program is  a partnership between Michael Chekhov Brasil and MICHA, The Michael Chekhov Association.
In 2015 Hugo Moss co-edited material for the new edition of the book "Lessons for Teachers" which MICHA will publish in 2017.

The Michael Chekhov Acting Studio (New York) is one of the most important Michael Chekhov learning centres and we are proud to enjoy various exchanges with its director Lenard Petit and staff. In 2014 Lenard took part in our Masterclass programme and 2016 Hugo Moss was invited to join the faculty of MCAS.

In 2018 Michael Chekhov Brasil's workshops were part of the Projeto Sesc Dramaturgias programme, with trips to the Brazilian states of  PARÁ (Belém and Castanhal),  MATO GROSSO DO SUL (Campo Grande and Corumbá) and PERNAMBUCO (Pesqueira and Arcoverde). And in October 2018 Sesc Paraty hosted the INTERCÂMBIO DE ARTES CÊNICAS, a fortnight of workshops, conferences, Open Space, lectures etc. exploring  Michael Chekhov's artistic legacy (see VÍDEO).

In 2016 Michael Chekhov Brasil was invited to take part in the Visiting Professorship program at The Federal University of Campinhas, Unicamp, and offering a series of workshops to two groups of graduate students and one comprised of faculty members and post-graduate reseachers.
This exchange produced a series of complementary activities and 2019 marks the partnership's fourth year.

Michael Chekhov Brasil also relies on the collaboration of actors trained in the technique, and partner teachers of voice training, eurythmy, Alexander and other activities. We also register our gratitude for the financial support received from Anne Beatrice Hamilton (Irish scholar and patriot, *1890 †1982) - through Mary Beatrice Moss - who is remembered in our Archive.

International Community

Michael Chekhov Brasil is part of the worldwide community of studios and institutions devoted to the teaching and practice of the Michael Chekhov technique. For more information see our INTERNATIONAL page.


Michael Chekhov Brasil works out of different studio spaces in Rio de Janeiro. Most workshops take place at Amok, in Botafogo, Casa da Glória, in Glória, and Sede das Cias., in Lapa.